The Trinity Issue - Clear & Concise - all on 1 Page!

The Trinity Issue - Clear & Concise
My most concise summary of the issue with the doctrine of the Trinity. All on 1 Page!
Version 09.04.2023
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The Latest Documents on the Trinity Issue

Ministry Magazine - The Trinity
My constructive response to Ministry Magazine - December 2023 edition - The Trinity
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Isaiah 9:6
A basic study of Isaiah 9:6, showing that it is not trinitarian.
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Trinity Update October 2023
Sabbath School Lesson October 8, 2023
Ted Wilson - Annual Council 2023
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The Leading Points of Our Faith
Powerful quotes on the foundation of Seventh-day Adventism
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The Doctrine of the Trinity - Conversations · Clarifications


My Perspective on Scholarly Suggestions


The Doctrine of the Trinity - Conversations · Clarifications
The major points of a recent dialogue about the doctrine of the Trinity - Constructive Clarifications!
updated 3.19.2023
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Unscripted Review of Ty Gibsons Books on the Trinity


(The Son & The Heavenly Trio)




The Trinity - A Closer Look


An Overview of the Major Issues (Rough Draft - much work left to do)


Trinity - A Closer Look
My Rough Draft of a booklet on the Trinity Issue - A Closer Look

The Basics, written for lay people and scholars alike. All in under 100 pages. A work in progress!

Version 0222 2023

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1 Page Pamphlets on the Trinity



My 1-Page Pamphlets on the Trinity Issue, and other helpful materials.

Also some longer studies, reviews, and responses.

The Eternal Sonship of Christ
Though I rarely post documents by other writers and rarely agree with everything stated therein, this response to Ty Gibson's book The Son includes crystal-clear, hard-hitting quotes against the claims made by Gibson. A relatively short and worthwhile read.
Eternal Sonship.pdf
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Trinity-Pamphlet1 (PDF)
REVISED JUNE 5, 2022 - now includes Micah 5:2 and Mal 2:10!

A concise overview of the Trinity issue. 1-page, small print, double-sided.
Print landscape, short-edge binding, double-sided.
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Trinity-Pamphlet1 (large print)
A concise overview of the Trinity issue, larger print booklet (original version).
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Trinity-Pamphlet 2: Beliefs (PDF)
Changes in SDA Beliefs - A handy summary and overview of the issue (updated 11.09.2021, with some additional quotes). Now includes 1SM 226!
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The Son of God - An intriguing study through Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy.
Updated 02.22.2021
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A Business Meeting Defense
While I normally do not post 3rd party content, this defense for a business meeting is just so valuable. Concise and clear.
Val and Eiji Defense.pdf
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The Trinity - Questions and Answers
A Response to an email exchange from March 2022. May you find it helpful, constructive, and uplifting!
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Response to BRI - Reflections #82: "Modern Antitrinitarianism"
A constructive response to Dr. Alberto Timm's analysis of the modern antitrinitarianism.
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