Top Priorities for Your Life Now:


1. Accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and your Savior who died in your place.


2. Pray earnestly.


3. Study the Bible daily.


4. Keep God's Commandments (all of them).


5. Love people.


Clean up your life NOW because . . .


"The end has come, the end has come: it watches for you.

Look, it has come!" (Ezekiel 7:6)



"We seek the truth, and we will endure the consequences."

- Charles Seymour (1885-1963)


"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell


“Both read the Bible day and night,

But thou read’st black

where I read white.” - William Blake, The Everlasting Gospel (1818)