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StandPoint: Millennium
A concise, 1-page overview of the Millennium. Practical rather than dogmatic.
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StandPoint: Death
What Really Happens When We Die
updated 11.14.2022
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Bible Basics: StandPoints of Scripture
A Summary of Beliefs based on Scripture - 10 Points, 1 Page
Personal | Prophetic | Practical
Intended as a convenient resource and study aid, not as a creed. Updated 6.21.2022
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StandPoint: The Sabbath
The Sabbath: His Time | My Test
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StandPoint: The Second Coming
A Bible Study on the Second Coming. Dense and detailed - might require some explanation, but should prove helpful in the field. And FREE!
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Rest. Stop. The Top Ten Texts on Rest & Sabbath in Scripture
A Summary of the 3rd Quarter Sabbath School Lesson on Rest.
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More under development, including German and Spanish