• A growing series of basic Bible Studies - conveniently condensed to 1 page (front/back), ready to print, and free to use!


  • In the spirit of true Protestantism, Sola Scriptura based.


  • All major teachings of the Great Advent movement to be covered.



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SDA Beliefs: StandPoints of Scripture
A Summary of Beliefs based on Scripture - 10 Points, 1 Page
Personal | Prophetic | Practical

Under construction - Update pending!
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StandPoint 4: The Sabbath
The Sabbath: His Time | My Test
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A study of the Sabbath - free, and conveniently summarized on 1 page (front/back).
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StandPoint 5: Death
What Really Happens When We Die
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StandPoint 14: The Second Coming
A Bible Study on the Second Coming. Dense and detailed - might require some explanation, but should prove helpful in the field. And FREE!
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Coming later in 2021/2022:


- The Scriptures

- Hell

- The Sanctuary

- The Son of God

- The Church

- Salvation

- Spirit of Prophecy


And more!


German, Spanish and other translations pending.