My 1-Page Pamphlets on the Trinity Issue


Pamphlet #1 is now in its 4th Revised Edition (updated 07.13.2021), with additional quotes and clarifications. Small print, but compact on concise. Everything on 1 page!


Pamphlet #2 is newly updated and refreshed with additional quotes. The core issue clarified and explored on 1 page! (Updated 11.09.2021) Now includes 1SM 226!




Trinity-Pamphlet1 (PDF)
A basic, condensed overview of the Trinity issue. 1-page, small print, double-sided.
Print landscape, short-edge binding, double-sided.
Revised 07.13.2021 - now with omega reference (1SM 197) and explanation of John 20:28!
Adobe Acrobat document [307.9 KB]
Trinity-Pamphlet1 (large print)
A basic, condensed overview of the Trinity issue, larger print booklet.
1st edition.
Adobe Acrobat document [559.4 KB]
Trinity-Pamphlet 2: Beliefs (PDF)
Changes in SDA Beliefs - A handy summary and overview of the issue (updated 11.09.2021, with some additional quotes). Now includes 1SM 226!
Adobe Acrobat document [137.9 KB]
The Son of God - An intriguing study through Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy.
Updated 02.22.2021
Adobe Acrobat document [4.3 MB]