My 1-Page Pamphlets on the Trinity Issue


NEW! Trinity Pamphlet #2 - see below! A handy 1-page summary of the issue (updated 3.24.2020)


And: Pamphlet #1 is now in its 2nd Revised Edition (updated 5.15.20)


Trinity-Pamphlet1 (PDF)
A basic, condensed overview of the Trinity issue. 1-page, small print, double-sided.
Print landscape, short-edge binding, double-sided.
2nd Revised Edition! (Updated 06.01.20)
Adobe Acrobat document [407.6 KB]
Trinity-Pamphlet1 (large print)
A basic, condensed overview of the Trinity issue, larger print booklet.
1st edition.
Adobe Acrobat document [559.4 KB]
NEW! Trinity-Pamphlet2: Beliefs
Changes in SDA Beliefs - A handy summary and overview of the issue
Adobe Acrobat document [108.4 KB]